Friday, 16 March 2012


The prize. Not the scary teacher.

So my Year 11 artwork was submitted into the Clancy Prize. It's a religious art competition for the catholic high schools of NSW. I got into the gallery and it was literally one of the first things you'd see in the corridor when you enter. But then further in you just see these amazing, crazy pieces of art. And I'm just baffled my art got considered to be hung.

The prize giving out started and so since I pretty much knew there was no way I was getting anything compared to these people, I stood at the back with my dad. My art teacher, who came late says I should stand and get up closer. I asked why and she said I was highly commended. Apparently they tell the schools of the winners what they got so that they'd attend.

The first thing I thought and said. Are you sure? Are you serious? How do you know? But then again, my pal Courtney also got accepted and her's is....I would buy it. That's how much I love it. Three A1 or larger pieces of paper with pencil detailed drawings of her mum and both her grandmas. So beautiful. So I figured, probably meant the other Courtney because w(hy)tf would they choose mine over anyone elses in this place?

So we move in and I got highly commendable which meant it got special attention and was considered for the main prizes but didn't quite make it. So overall I was stunned. When they said my name I was froze and was like....seriously? Heart beat ACTUALLY picked up. Very happy even though I didn't officially get anything.

Note to self: Visit art school open days or else not even try to get in.

As a reward, me and dad got Maccas. Good night overall.

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