Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Catch up

So today was the beginning of half yearly exam week. There was a lot of anger going on when the school failed to give us two weeks notice and, with other interfering school factors, squashed all the exams within a 6 day period. Some people got majorly screwed over, two of my friends have to do 6 exams in 3 days (2 on each day). I got lucky and ended up with one per day (thank God there's no Society and Culture exam)

Actually speaking of Society and Culture, I've officially gotten a topic: Brooding men and their rising appeal. I got a new blog for it called The PiProject:

If you people are still reading this thing, please check on it regularly cause I'll probably have questions or need some comments. This is my HSC, so much appreciated.

The thing about my PIP is that when I finally got into it, my teacher confessed to looking up the original topic I was set on doing from the beginning but dropped. Creativity and it's place in society. I could rant on that for days. So I'll have a meet up with teach next week.

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