Thursday, 3 January 2013

I really have no idea where my life is going at the moment.

It's like as if as soon as 2013 hit, life decided to completely change and leave me totally disorientated. New friends, old friends, lost friends and found friends.

At the moment I'm barely adjusting with it all, emotionally and mentally. I don't know how to feel. One moment I'm completely happy and then I'm all of a sudden hit with a bout of depression. I just want to figure everything out and for everything to be ok for everyone.

It'll get there one day, right?

When things get bad I tend to say the same things:

  • This will pass. Somehow, this problem will be over and one day I won't even remember it happened.
  • Keep going. There has to be one day in the future where everything I'm going through now was worth it. 
  • It'll be ok. It has to be.

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