Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Me being weird. Again

So a guy comes by the house and I was really dreading turning down his religion or school concert or great new product. Also, I was in my pyjamy-jams. 

Alarmingly, the guy was cute. And his pitch was awesome. Pretty much they worked with Woolies and Coles and wanna bring back the MILK MAN SERVICE. I'm sorry I got really excited about it. And I really wanted to accept. But I think my family would probably say no. I've always wanted an old school milk man/delivery service. It's very Pleasantville. And you guys know how much I love Pleasantville. And by "you guys", I mean no one. CAUSE NO ONE READS THIS BLOG BUT FOR MAYBE ONE OR TWO PEOPLE.

Anyways the point is: I want to say yes to this guy and the services. Cause it's cute. =]

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emily jane said...

aww your blog is awesome, what are you on about? im sure you have many anonymous blog readers ;)
and i agree with you about bringing back the milk man service :D even if i never grew up with it, it sounds like a cool thing back then haha xD