Friday, 17 January 2014


Crushes are weird.

There are some that you've had for so long that you're no longer sure if it's a real crush any more. It's evolved into a quiet admiration in friendship that holds the slightest longing.

There are some that develop so quickly that they leave you a bit breathless. You find yourself panting after talking to someone for 3 hours straight and just need time to catch your breath and your thoughts that are racing with shock from this sudden feeling.

There are the crushes that reemerge when you didn't even know you had felt like this for them before. Maybe it was a juvenile thought you dismissed as friendship but you now recognise as a fully developed crush that grew as you knew the person. You recognise the signs from the past and how long you actually had them.

Sometimes nothing comes of it. Sometimes something does. All in all it's the most annoyingly beautiful feeling in the world.

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emily jane said...

I totally get you!