Monday, 27 January 2014

Sisterly Love

If my decision doesn't really affect Michelle in any way, does she have the right to angry at me?

If she isn't happy with my decision and has other suggestion, should she attack me and verbally abuse me instead of calmly talking about it like an adult?

Lol fuck her. She was going to verbally attack me whether or not I deferred. She'd find a reason. Because she lashes out whether there is real fault or not. Bad mood? Fucking steer clear of her. Wants to find something? Stops the whole household to make them help her find it. Did I lose something? Declines help and verbally abuses me for always losing my things. 

The fact that she is such a bitch about things, makes me want to do the opposite of what she wants just to spite her. But I follow. I hate that I'm scared and so easily affected by what she says. Apathy was harder than I thought. 

The day she leaves and moves out will never be soon enough.

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