Sunday, 26 January 2014

Some Plans:

Not really. But just some ideas and the agenda for this year.
Things I want to try and work/improve on:

  • Painting (watercolour, acrylic, oil, gouache)
  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Video-editing and making
  • Sewing, making clothes
  • Writing

Things I want to do:
  • I'm starting to ask friends whether or not they will let me help them make videography's for special/specific events. This means taking photos and videos at an event and at the end I'll make a video made up of all of that content. So Liys' birthday is coming up and she's letting me do that. I asked Mary to ask her sister if I could do that for her sister's birthday. Basically working on my photography, video making and editing skills while making great gifts for great friends. So if you have anything coming up or know anyone who does, I'm offering up these services.
  • Collaborate with friends and other people on ideas for writing, filming, art. Meet new friends, make connections, better my skill and mind. I have a lot of ideas for stories but I never follow through with or develop. So I need to work on that. Old projects and new. As long as I document it. I may post some up on here. Maybe not.
  • Look for internships, apprenticeships, work experience in everything and anything I'm interested in. Get some experience now. Make connections now. 
lol i dno. just get my shit together. or find the things in order to prepare to get my shit together

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